We are born, we do stuff, we die

We are born, we do stuff, we die. Not only that, but our ancestors were born, did stuff and died and so will those who follow us. This obvious existential truth is the holding frame for our Live Well Die Wise gatherings. Within this frame we will, together, touch the moment in which we each find ourselves - today, now. This ‘moment’ may be a life transition of some sort: a relationship change, a personal or global health crisis, a professional decision to be taken, maybe we find ourselves wondering how many more seasons we have left or see the climate emergency as an existential moment for humanity. Our series in the beginning of 2022 is fully booked. For the Series of virtual gatherings starting in Spring 2022, we invite you to register.

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Why should dying be news to anyone?

So I’m telling you that I believe the depression, which is misdiagnosed all the time, does not come from the fact that we are dying; It comes from the fact that we are dying here… now…

2019-06-11T20:14:37+02:00April 18th, 2018|

I don’t want it to hurt

‘So here’s the dilemma” Stephen Jenkinson addresses his audience in the documentary ‘Griefwalker’; ‘The old scheme of pain and symptom-management was going to be the magic bullet, meaning people will be able to die well. The consequences being what?...

2019-06-11T20:21:46+02:00April 18th, 2018|
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