Trained as a Corporate Anthropologist I support organizations and societies in working through complex social issues. I invite people to find and connect to their own rhythm and heartbeat to explore and create environments that will support positive transitions in our fast-changing world.

My work is related to topics around living and dying and touches on strong values and deep cultural patterns; HIV/AIDS, birth care, end-of-life care including the choice to end life on your own terms when that moment has come.  I am trained as an end-of-life doula and have served as a volunteer in a Hospice in Amsterdam.

As a Listening Ambassador I practice and share the art of Deep Listening.

My work takes me to places in the world to learn with people and to team-up with professionals. I have lived and worked in several countries in Africa as well as South East Asia.

I want to create a culture where we incorporate dying as a part of living. I create and hold space for individuals, families and organizations to face death; speak openly about dying and to make choice available to live life well and prepare to Die Wise.

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